Can I wear prescription glasses with 509 goggles?
Posted by Joanne Meleney on 01 April 2013 03:55 PM

509 goggles accept many of today’s prescription eyeglass frames shapes and sizes, however, the Sinister Snow series goggles seem to accommodate the most variations and provide the best fit.

Please note, wearing eyewear while wearing goggles can break the seal to your face and create fogging issues. For this reason, we recommend Rx Goggles. Rx Goggles provide prescription lens inserts for the Sinister or Aviator series goggles.  They are custom made to fit, made in the USA, and come with a lifetime warranty.

You can reach Rx Goggles on their Rx Goggles Website or at 1-888-794-6445. Prescription lens inserts are designed specifically for 509 goggles and are designed to always remain inside the goggle frame, for easy goggle removal without the hassle of traditional eyeglasses.

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