How do I install the Sinister X5 lens?
Posted by on 13 August 2015 09:10 AM

Quick Instructions

  1. Remove the nose mask first.
  2. Remove the old lens by unsnapping the lens by unsnapping the top 3 lens snaps, followed by the bottom 4 snaps.
  3. Take the new lens and place the left and right sides into the frame groove.
  4. Snap the top center lens mount into place, followed by the remaining two top mounts.
  5. Snap the bottom 4 lens mounts in place.
  6. Re-install the nose mask.

    *If the lens mounts are difficult to snap into place, ensure the lens is FULLY seated into the frame groove.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: To more easily change your Sinister X5 lens, first remove the rubber nose mask. This can be accomplished by first removing the center barbed nose mask mount. Grasp the goggle frame in one hand and the center of the nose mask in your other hand. Firmly pull directly apart. The barbed mount will release. Next remove each side nose mask mount by sliding mount outward until it releases.

Step 2: With the nose mask removed, grasp the top of the goggle in one hand and with your other hand, grasp the goggle frame around the nose area. Pull the top and bottom of the goggle frame away from each other and the top mounts will release. With the top of the lens removed, grasp the lens and remove both sides from the goggle frame groove. Next pull the lens away from the nose area, until the 4 bottom mounts release. Your lens should now be fully removed.

Step 3: Remove your new lens from its outer packaging. It's best to leave the inner protective cover on until the installation is complete. This will protect the lens and prevent finger prints on the inside lens surface. Start by sliding the left and right side of the lens into the goggle frame groove. With both sides of the lens fully seated into the frame groove, next insert the top of the lens into the top frame groove. With the top of the lens fully seated into the upper frame groove, apply slight pressure and snap the top center mount into place. Next snap the left and right top mounts into place as well.

Step 4: With the top of the lens snapped into place and the sides of the lens FULLY seated into the frame grooves, we will finish the install by snapping the 4 bottom mounts into place. To start this process, you must place the bottom of the lens into the frame groove along the bottom of the frame. At this point, your lens should be completely seated into the frame groove along the entire contour of the goggle. With the lens fully in the bottom frame groove, grasp the goggle so the lens is facing away from you. Your thumbs should be on the top edge of the goggles and your two index fingers around the nose area of the goggle. While applying this squeezing pressure, gently twist and rock the goggle back and forth This motion will snap one of the two nose area lens tabs into place. Once in place, proceed to snap the opposite lens tab into place. You should feel them fully snap into place and the lens cutouts along the nose area should NOT be visible. If the lens doesn't want to snap into the nose area completely, it's most likely the lens isn't fully seated into the frame groove somewhere along the contour of the goggle. Double check this, then proceed. Next, snap the two remaining bottom mounts fully into place.

Step 5: Now with the lens installed, reattach the nose mask by attaching both outer mounts first, followed by the center barbed mount last. Your new lens is now fully installed. Remove the inner protective cover prior to use.

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