Goggle Comparison
Posted by on 13 August 2015 09:04 AM

It is difficult to recommend a particular goggle for you without knowing more about you and your style of riding. These are the main differences between our goggles to help you make the best decision for your situation.

Non-Current Sinister Goggles

Limited in supply as the were discontinued in 2013. Compared to the Aviator goggle, they are the warmer of the two due to more foam coverage. Along with more lens choices, they also fit more head shapes and are more of a universal fit with other brand helmets. 

X5 Sinister Goggles

The Sinister X5 goggles are our most popular goggle and, as with the non-current Sinister goggle, they are the warmer choice. The Sinister X5 goggles have the most lens choices including MaxVent lenses and the new Photochromatic, color shifting, lenses. These goggles are a perfect fit with our helmets along with a more universal fit with other helmet brands. The X5's also have the most adaptable and uniform fit among all face types. Our X5 goggles also have increased peripheral vision (12%) compared to the non-current Sinister and Aviator snow goggles. Revised outriggers help for a better seal of the goggle foam against your face.

Aviator Goggles

The Aviator snow goggles have great peripheral vision due to the spherical shaped lens.  These have less lens choices than the Sinister X5 goggles but they are easier to interchange.  Aviator goggles fit smaller faces best.  The rimless frame and spherical shaped lens prevent snow/ice build-up while riding while the well ventilated frame reduces possibilities of fogging.

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