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What is the 'lifetime' or 'lifespan' of a product?
Posted by on 16 July 2015 02:20 PM

The lifetime of a product has two definitions: the span of time that the item is safe to use (commonly referred to as its shelf life) and, secondly, the span of time that the product is in production and warrantied.

Safety Product Lifespans

Our current safety products are our helmets. The helmet industry defines the lifetime of a helmet to be 5 years from the manufacturing stamp date on the inside of the helmet.

Glues, resins and other materials used in the construction of the helmets can affect liners and other materials they come into contact with. This along with hair oils, bodily fluids, cosmetics, along with normal wear and tear, contribute to the degradation of a helmets' performance over time.

Helmets that sustain impact damage may also no longer be considered safe to use and should be inspected and/or replaced. This can be due to compromises in the structure of the EPS foam and future accidents may not provide the necessary protection against injury.

Non Safety Product Lifespans

Industry standards define lifespan of goggles and sunglasses to be 3 years from date of purchase. 

Product Warranties

In regards to product warranties, we define the lifespan of a product to be the length of time that a product is in production and/or has parts in supply to support the repair or replacement of that product. This can also include the availability of individual color-ways and subsequent parts within that product line.

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