How do I properly clean my 509 goggle lenses?
Posted by on 16 July 2015 10:57 AM

Please review our lens care as stated in our goggle instructional guide included with your initial shipment as it contains specific instructions for your specific lens. The information below is a general guide to cleaning your 509 lenses.


  • It is very important to not use anything other than your goggles soft pouch when cleaning. The storage pouch is made of the premium choice material to clean and polish your lens.
  • Direct heat sources should be avoided as it can cause the lens to bubble and/or the coatings on the lens to become damaged or compromised.

Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Rinse the lens with water to remove all large debris, being careful not to scratch the lens.
  2. Shake the excess water from the lens
  3. Blot dry and polish the lens with the 509 soft pouch.


  • The pouch may be hand cleaned and allowed to dry if it becomes soiled.
  • Never use a cleaning agent on the lens as it can remove the fog and scratch free properties from the lens and/or ruin the clarity of the lens immediately.
  • If you experience icing on the inside or outside of the lens, warm the goggle to melt the ice before wiping it away as ice can be like charred glass on a lens and leave scratches.
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