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How do I install the Aviator lens?
Posted by Joanne Meleney on 02 April 2013 03:15 PM

Quick Instructions

  1. Remove the old lens by unsnapping the lens from 6 outer tabs (tabs stay in frame).
  2. Take the new lens and snap the far left and right sides into their outer tabs.
  3. Align the remaining 4 tabs and snap them into place. Step 4: Finish by snapping the nose area in place.

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: To more easily change your Aviator lens, first remove the rubber nose mask. This is an optional step, however, and may be skipped.

Step 2: The lens is held in place by the 6 outer tabs along the contour of the lens. Start by unsnapping the top two tabs. To do this, place your index finger on the inside of the goggle, directly behind the tab. Use this finger to support the tab and gently pull apart until it unsnaps from the lens. It's easiest to unsnap these tabs by pulling from the inside of the goggle, rather than the outside.

Step 3: Repeat this process until all 6 tabs are unsnapped and your lens is free. Remove the old lens.

Step 4: Take your new replacement lens out of it's plastic packaging, however, leave the protective cover on both sides of the lens. The nose area is held in place by two tabs inside the frame groove. To snap these in place, we will start by gently pressing the lens and nose area toward each other. With gentle pressure, focus on snapping one side of the nose tab together until you feel it fully snap into place. Proceed with pressure and snap the opposite nose tab in place. Once the nose area is in place, you will no longer be able to see the lens cutouts in the nose area. If you can still see them, the lens is not fully in place.

Step 5: If you choose to remove the nose mask, replace it now. Remove both lens protective covers prior to first use. The above instructions are what came with your goggles. Some of the guys here say it's easier if you install the nose portion of the lens first then bottom tabs, outer left and right, and then the top tabs.


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