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How do I install the Sinister lens?
Posted by Joanne Meleney on 28 March 2013 09:24 AM

Please follow these instructions to change your Sinister goggle lens:

  1. Remove the nosemask from your goggles. First pull the center barbed pin on the nosemask, out from the goggle frame. Once that is loose, remove the left and right nosemask mounts to completely remove your nosemask.

  2. Grasping the top center and bottom center (nose area) of the goggle with both your hands, apply an outward pull until the top of the lens unsnaps from the frame. Grab the lens and fully remove it from the goggle.

  3. Take your new lens and start by aligning the lens inside of the frame groove. Start by first aligning it along the left and right side of the goggle, followed by aligning in the top frame groove. Once the lens is in the groove, pinch the inside and outside of the lens with your thumb and pointer finger on one hand and grasp the top of the frame with your other hand. With a slight opposite pulling force from your two hands, press the top of the lens into the top frame groove. This opposite pulling pressure, will allow the tab inside the top frame groove to easily clear the outward point on the top lens mount and snap into place. Apply the same technique to the second top lens mount, until the top of the lens is fully snapped into place.

  4. Now you have the top of the lens snapped in, and the rest of the lens should be FULLY inside the goggle frame groove, leaving only the 3 nose area tabs to be snapped into place. Ensure the goggle lens is FULLY inside the frame groove and aligned perfectly before applying any pressure to snap in the nose area of the lens.

  5. With everything aligned, grab the goggle with both your left and right hands. Make sure the lens is facing away from you and your thumbs are over the top of the goggle and your two pointer fingers are inside of the nose area of the goggle. With this firm grasp, apply gradually increasing grasping pressure. As the lens tabs meet the nose area frame grooves of the goggle, continue applying pressure, while giving the goggle frame a slight forward and backward twisting motion. This grasping pressure along with the slight twisting motion will allow the lens to fully snap into place.

  6. When finished none of the 3 lens nosemask cutouts should be visible.

  7. Reinstall nosemask starting with left then right side finishing with middle.

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