Why are my goggles fogging?
Posted by Joanne Meleney on 28 March 2013 09:11 AM

Goggle fog happens for one reason: Moisture. To eliminate fogging you first need to identify the location of the fog:

  1. The inside of lens
  2. In between the two lens panes (if applicable)
  3. The outside of the lens

Next identify where the moisture is originating from.

Fogging on the inside of the lens:

If you are fogging on the inside of the lens, you most likely are not getting a good seal of the goggle foam against your face.

To resolve this issue, try tightening or repositioning your goggle strap higher in the back and/or repositioning the goggle so that it tilts slightly forward at the top to ensure proper ventilation. If it still doesn’t seal, it may be an issue with your helmet or your head shape.

Make sure your balaclava, helmet, or breath box isn’t holding the goggle off your face.

Fog is appearing in between the two lens panes:

This is a sign of a lens gasket failure and may be covered under warranty. Please see our Lens Warranty before Submitting a Warranty Claim.

Fog is appearing on the outside lens:

If the outer lens is fogging, this is common when stopped, the cold weather breathbox is not being used, or the breathbox is not positioned closest to the face under the goggle nose mask.

Try controlling your breathing and direct your breath downward to allow it to escape your helmet without reaching the lens. Outer lens fogging quickly dissipates once you are in motion.


The following ‘best use’ tips will cut down on fogging as well:

  • Never leave your goggles face up when snowing.
  • Never place goggles above hood vents that engine heat or steam escapes from.
  • Try leaving your goggles on your helmet and always remove your helmet & goggles together when stopped. These are common situations you excessively sweat from and have no air flow to exhaust body heat.
  • Be careful to not place goggles on top of your helmet as the foam can freeze to the helmet shell if any moisture is present. This can cause the foam on the goggles to tear and partially stick to the helmet (not covered under warranty) when removed.
  • Keep you goggles stored in a warm dry place when not in use and throughly dry before putting away.

All these tips have the same goal in mind: Prevent moisture from entering inside the goggle. No moisture = No fogging. If you continue to have fogging issues, please contact customer support (877-743-3509) for further assitance.

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